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Corpse Party Blood Covered

A group of high school students stayed after school to tell ghost
stories. After a good scare one of them revealed that she is going to
transfer school, everyone got sad but then another one told them there's
a spell to make them always remember each other. Then everyone agreed
to do it, each person hold a part of human-shaped paper and to pull it
at the same time. One, Two, Three! They pulled it together and about to
went home but soon after something like earthquake happened and all
blacked out. When they woke up they found that some of them are missing
but that's not all, the school became a ruin and they couldn't get out.
Then they noticed that they are not even in the same school anymore and
there is something lurking in the dark school not wanting them to

От себя: Эта игра заставит вас прыгать на стуле, а пальцы дрожать, она будет пробирать до костей, иногда вызывая тошноту. То что игра делает с черными сценами и звуковой дорожкой просто не передать словами. Если вы особо впечатлительны, подумайте несколько раз: стоит ли играть? Серьезно. Мерзкое послевкусие останется еще надолго.